I Knew You Were Trouble/We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed, Jenn Damiano, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Andrew Durand, and Preston Sadleir at 54 Below

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Anonymous wondered,
whaaat i dont get the legally blonde thing

it’s just a scene from the movie haha

but that scene is basically pivotal in Elle’s character development and the case since it’s when she she realizes how to prove the one guy is guilty, so it truly is iconic.

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Ensemble of Les Misérables Broadway  → Adam Monley

Bishop of Digne, Combeferre, Javert u/s Javert (July 22nd-August 10th)



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2014 Bad Joke No. 203


What do you call a T-Rex that keeps falling on its backside?

A tyranno-sore-ass.

"let’s set the mood"
*seductively turns down phone brightness*


get to know me meme: [1/5] musicals

↳ the book of mormon